Ashlyn Greenway

Client Service Administrator

  • Education

    B.A. Communications; Mississippi State University

  • Joined Us In


  • Prior Experience

    Client Services Manager & Account Receivable Specialist at Horizon River Technologies

  • Born & Raised

    Roswell, GA

  • Family

    Oldest of 3; a little brother and sister

  • Favorite...

    Team: MS State Athletics
    Place to visit: Savannah, GA

Ashlyn has many loves, but one takes the top prize: exploring communications and writing in her life.

“I’ve always enjoyed writing and communications, which I think is curious considering I work at a financial services firm. But after engaging with clients and working with my colleagues, I realize that my background in communications is a huge asset and helps me perform at a high level.”

Ashlyn Greenway, Ashlyn Greenway

Ashlyn graduated Mississippi State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication. It was first at Mississippi State where she fell in love with reading and creative writing – a passion that she nurtures daily. A self-described “Thriller/Mystery novel addict”, she loves to spend nights following the latest characters in who-done-it style stories. Her favorite? Gillian Flynn, author of Gone Girl and Sharp Objects.

She actively keeps a travel journal and sometimes feels that her creativity and expressions must be shared.

“When I travel and see little stories unfold in my life, I get that creative itch to share them with others. That’s why I’m so excited about starting my creative writing blog and to focus my writing on short story form.”

Ashlyn Greenway, Ashlyn Greenway

Prior to JOYN, Ashlyn was a Client Services Manager & Accounts Receivables Specialist at Horizon River Technologies. She mentions it was a great eye-opening moment early in her career.

“It got me interested in finance and the importance of communications, which is vital in growing this new Behavioral Wealth industry sector.”

“I was drawn to JOYN because I love working with people, planning, and finding solutions. Getting to put all of these elements together in my role makes being a CSA a perfect fit.”

The oldest of three, Ashlyn feels at home at JOYN, as she was born and raised just a stone’s throw from our office in Roswell.

Some of Ashlyn’s favorite places to visit are Savannah and Charleston. “I like visiting historic places and Europe is definitely on my list.”

We can’t wait to read about her travels!

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