• Education

    B.A. in Accounting from Baruch College New York

  • Joined Us In


  • Born & Raised


  • Family

    Married, with two adult children; Carolyn and Brandon

  • Favorite...

    Calvin likes to ride bikes and, together with his family, participants in the Spin for Kids charity.

  • Fun Fact

    Calvin uses his keen attention to detail to do calligraphy

  • Favorite Quote

    “Life is what you make it.”

Speaking with a graceful Jamaican tone to his voice, Calvin talks about, and is deeply interested in, a wide range of topics. He’s an active member of his church and has been riding with his family in Spin For Kids annual bike ride to raise money to help Georgia’s children facing serious illnesses, disabilities and other life challenges to attend Camp Twin Lakes.

Calvin Reid, Calvin Reid

Calvin earned his BA in Accounting from Baruch College New York. He has been a key member of the JOYN accounting department for ten years. He’s an accountant with an artist’s soul who practices calligraphy and plans to learn how to play the guitar. He is married with two grown children who live in the Atlanta area.

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Calvin Reid, Calvin Reid

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