Cohen Duncan

Cohen Duncan

Behavioral Wealth Specialist

  • Education

    M.A Marriage & Family Therapy, John F. Kennedy University
    B.A Communications, Santa Clara University

  • Certifications/Licenses

    Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

  • Joined Us In


  • Prior Experience

    Sutter Health—Palo Alto Medical Foundation: Behavioral Health Navigator
    Professional Figure Skating Coach: Business Owner
    Stanbridge Academy: School Counselor
    Evolibri Consulting: Psychotherapist & Career Counselor

  • Born & Raised

    Los Angeles, CA

  • Family

    Youngest of 4 children.

  • Favorite...

    Food: Sushi
    Color: Purple
    Sport to watch: Basketball (Go Warriors! And Lakers!)
    Place: The ocean
    Movie: Good Will Hunting

  • Fun Fact

    I was a competitive figure skater for 13 years, and I have coached figure skating professionally for 20 years.

  • Favorite Quote

    People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel—Maya Angelou

It’s not often that JOYN gets to welcome a professional figure skater to its ranks. Yet, when the opportunity to bring Cohen Duncan, JOYN’s second Behavioral Wealth Specialist, aboard it was a no-brainer.

Cohen’s significant life experience that positively impacts her engagement with clients well positions her to make a lasting difference in our client’s lives.

Born and raised in California, Cohen served as a professional figure skating coach, supporting athletes in accomplishing their goals by harnessing the power of athleticism, nurturing resilience, and performance enhancement strategies.

“Helping my students find that healthy balance of athletics, personal and professional or academic pursuits was – and remains – invigorating to me,” says Cohen. “It motivated me to build upon my passion for empowering others and to pursue a career in marriage and family therapy.”

Additionally, her professional acumen as a seasoned Marriage and Family Therapist will move the needle on addressing people’s money behaviors in order to help them make better decisions.

Cohen Duncan, Cohen Duncan

As a Behavioral Health Navigator at Sutter Health Hospital in Palo Alto, Cohen helped patients access mental health services in collaboration with their primary care physicians. “I was proud to remove barriers to mental health treatment and try to reduce the stigma of mental health services.”

“It was an extremely inspiring job, making a difference in people’s lives in a meaningful way,” she describes.

Prior to this experience, Cohen was a school counselor at a k-12 private special education school in San Mateo. She supported students with social communication and learning challenges through group and individual counseling on empathy, emotional regulation, and social skills.

“As a school counselor, I honed my communication skills in order to fully develop a process to bond, to understand, and to connect with students,” says Cohen.

Now as a Behavioral Wealth Specialist, she’s again stepping outside of the clinical setting, bringing her wealth of experience and psychological insights to expand JOYN’s innovative Behavioral Wealth Management model with our clients.

Cohen Duncan, Cohen DuncanCohen deeply values JOYN’s holistic approach to wealth management and how it’s specific to each person’s life priorities and experiences. Ultimately, her goal is to help people navigate their decision-making process while keeping in mind the broader context of their lives and their values.

“Money is extremely emotional,” describes Cohen. “So, having a framework within which to understand choices and decisions around money is very powerful. It’s liberating. Unlocking this wisdom from within can lead to them fully realizing the lives they envision. No firm I know is in this realm. It’s a paradigm shift and I’m thrilled to help lead it.”

“I look forward to supporting clients in making decisions that honor what is most important to them and their vision of happiness”

And if you’re wondering, Cohen explains what’s the most difficult move in figure skating.

“One of the most difficult moves in ice skating is a triple lutz. It starts with the athlete skating backward and then jumping off the outside edge of the skate and rotating three times in the air. Then, after all that, landing BACKWARDS.”

JOYN is thrilled to have this triple threat professional joining our family.

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Financial Benefits of Behavioral Advising

Better Advice. Better Decisions. Better Life.

There are significant financial benefits focusing on your behavior and making better decisions. Vanguard research and other academic studies have concluded that behavioral advising can add 1% to 2% in net return. (Source: Vanguard, 2016

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