Karyn Chaney

Karyn Chaney

Office Administrator

  • Education

    Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance and Management from the University of West Georgia

  • Joined Us In


  • Born & Raised

    Marietta, Georgia

  • Family

    Has close ties with her parents and her brother, Kahle, who shares the same birthday as her dad.

  • Favorite...

    Sunrise in the mountains and sunset at the ocean

  • Fun Fact

    Crockpot cooking enthusiast – perfect for a busy work life!

  • Favorite Quote

    “Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, leave the rest to God.” ~ Ronald Reagan

Soft spoken and friendly, the very mobile Karyn Chaney is often hard to track down at JOYN. Her title of Office Administrator belies the variety of tasks and duties she undertakes. She may be found preparing for client workshops, organizing speaking engagements, setting up webinars, or updating the company website and blog.

Karyn Chaney, Karyn Chaney

Karyn earned a double major in finance and management from the University of West Georgia and immediately joined the Atlanta firm she knew would provide the industry background and experience she was looking for. She remains an active alumna of her Alpha Gamma Delta sorority and laughs as she describes what has become her weekend hobby of “attending weddings and baby showers.”

Karyn Chaney, Karyn Chaney

On her free weekends, Karyn enjoys hiking the nearby North Georgia mountains with her brother or spending time on interior design projects.

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Karyn Chaney, Karyn Chaney

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