Financial Industry Operations Expert Amy Oguntala Joins the Team

By Betty Dworschak   |   March 22, 2016

Amy Oguntala

Atlanta, GA – March 22, 2016: GV Financial Advisors is pleased to announce that Amy Oguntala, an experienced strategic thinker and talented operations and technology expert, has joined GV as Executive Vice President of Client Experience & Operations.

When Amy learned of GV Financial Advisors’ innovative approach to wealth management, she was intrigued. “I believe that nothing in our world happens in isolation,” Amy explains. “Everything we are, and everything we do, is connected to some other piece of ourselves, our families, our passions, our communities. What attracted me to GV was the firm’s fresh approach to financial advising that really engaged this wholeness of human nature.”

Amy is excited to bring her drive, skillset and twenty years in the financial industry at companies like Accenture, SunTrust, and Freedom Mortgage, to the important tasks of improving the client experience for GV’s high-net-worth clients. Having earned her undergraduate degree in business from Temple University and an MBA from the University of Florida, Amy describes herself as someone energized by solving intricate puzzles. At GV, that means understanding and engaging with how people, technology and processes fit together in order to deliver multi-faceted insights and results that have a meaningful impact for our clients.

“Amy was a terrific fit for us,” says GV President Matthew Geller. “Her depth of knowledge and experience in service delivery across channels is already transforming the firm and more importantly, making a positive impact for our clients. Amy quickly understood the rationale behind GV’s Behavioral Wealth Management model, and began working hard immediately to help our advisors deliver GV’s holistic client experience. Yet, even with all the responsibilities she’s taken on, Amy keeps a buoyant attitude – even on Monday mornings! She has boundless enthusiasm, a sharp and funny wit, and is just a joy to be around,” Geller added.

Amy’s passion for delivering excellence keeps her busy, but when she does take a break from work, it’s usually to travel with her husband Neil and her two step-daughters or to relax at home with the family’s two dogs. Amy had a multicultural upbringing, having lived all over the world, including Africa and Asia. The desire to travel, and the opportunity to learn about other cultures, is rooted deep within Amy’s nomadic spirit, which can be satisfied only by looking toward her next destination.


Believed to be the first and only Behavioral Wealth Management firm in the U.S., GV has invested over a decade applying the scientific principles of neurobiology, Behavioral Economics and Behavioral Finance to create a new paradigm in wealth management. Established in 1991, GV is one of the leading registered investment advisory firms in Atlanta with 46 employees and $1.125 billion in assets under management as of December 31, 2015. Over the years, GV & its team have earned spots on a number of prestigious lists, including Barron’s Top U.S. Investment Advisors, REP’s Top 100 U.S. Registered Investment Advisors, Financial Advisor’s U.S. RIA Ranking, & the Financial Times FT 300, based on assets under management and other factors. Their writings have appeared in publications including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and The Huffington Post. To learn more, visit



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