An Unfair Advantage

By Marc Lewyn   |   October 29, 2009

Many of the leading economic indicators are turning positive. It’s likely that the worst is behind us. But it may not be a simple rebound. The weakening dollar and increasing government intervention in capital markets could also mean that we are facing a seismic shift in the economic landscape.

We’re all aware of the tumultuous ups and downs of the stock markets of the past two years. For many of us, the reaction to these events is to pause, to re-think and to reassess before making any decisions.

Countless other very intelligent people are wondering the same thing, since these are logical conclusions based on the same data. No one becomes successful by following the pack.

So how do you gain an edge? One way to gain an unfair advantage in a marketplace where many competitors are relying on the same data is to tap into the insight provided by our gut (emotions). Are you surprised and somewhat taken aback?

Let me explain. A combination of our unique talents, skills, wisdom gained through experience and the insights of our friends and families is the basis of any gut reaction. When we learn to use all of these resources and not just what our rational mind is trained to tap into, the results can be dramatic.

From my own personal experiences and that of numerous successful people that I have met, I have come to the realization that many of the decisions that have truly set us apart and launched us to greater success are based on our instincts that are reinforced with cold hard data.

“Do I need a major course correction? What other disasters have I not accounted for?” Such questions rob you of precious time spent in inaction. You could instead be asking “A changing landscape creates excess capacity in some sectors and places great new demands on others. Can I identify such underserved niches that my business can address? Where are the next major opportunities for growth that I can take advantage of? How can I better leverage my unique genius?”

Did you notice the paradigm shift with the second set of questions? You are not second guessing yourself. You are leveraging all of your resources to uncover hidden dangers and opportunities. You are moving away from confusion to clarity and focused action. When everyone else is frozen in indecision and uncertainty, there are great opportunities for first movers.


Marc Lewyn

About the Author

Marc Lewyn is a partner, senior financial advisor, and CEO of Strategic Liquidity Services ("SLS") at JOYN. SLS provides a methodology designed to help business owners navigate the complex options available for generating liquidity from their businesses. Marc also hosts “Diversify Your Wealth Beyond Your Business,” a “Ted Talk” style workshop for Atlanta business owners. Learn more / RSVP here.

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