What CEOs should know right now

By Sherwin Nelson Clemons   |   October 27, 2015

Financial Advisor Atlanta - Sherwin Nelson Clemons, GV Financial Advisors

The current investment environment, human biology, and problems with traditional wealth management ... Soyini Coke and I covered a lot of ground on her business radio show, and the conversation is relevant for any investor, not just a CEO.  Read More

Getting Out of My Own Way (Part III)

By Sherwin Nelson Clemons   |   October 2, 2013

I am often my own biggest obstacle to accomplishing my goals.  I have adopted a new mantra lately to challenge myself, “I am getting out of my own way!” So what does that mean?  As I go through my day, I pay closer attention to when my thinking, behavior, and language do not align with the goals I am working to accomplish.  Sometimes it means creating an opportunity to get in the zone in a job duty I find laborious (e.g.,…  Read More

Getting Out of My Own Way (Part II)

By Sherwin Nelson Clemons   |   September 16, 2013

Working closely with GV’s Guided Wealth Transformation® team, on training with my fellow advisors, and with my clients, I have become increasingly aware of limitations I put on myself.  We acknowledge some of these limitations – I once said I’d never be fit enough to bike from Decatur to Stone Mountain, and then around the mountain and back – but some limitations sneak into our self-perception subconsciously.  Occasionally, through sheer willpower, we can tackle the limitations we acknowledge, but it…  Read More

Getting Out of My Own Way (Part I)

By Sherwin Nelson Clemons   |   September 9, 2013

Every so often I will – against all odds – latch onto something.  A few moons ago, I finally decided that I had more control over my health than I was willing to admit.  Maybe “decided” isn’t quite the right word.  Perhaps what happened is that I was finally ready to accept what I always knew to be true:  what was stopping me from being healthy wasn’t my work schedule or my commitments to various nonprofits.  I finally understood that…  Read More