Traditionally, wealth management firms have focused on numbers: how much you’ll need and when you’ll need it. But that approach ignores one key truth: we don’t live our lives by numbers, and money by itself doesn’t make us happy. In other words, it’s a broken model because it largely ignores the human factor. Fortunately, we take a more comprehensive approach.

At JOYN, we believe that money is merely one tool for creating a meaningful, fulfilling life. That’s why our brand of wealth management goes far beyond finance to incorporate what we call a passion for the human factor – a desire to help our clients live extraordinary lives.

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Behavioral Wealth Management

Passion For The Human Factor
Passion For The Human Factor

Passion For The Human Factor

We’re all human, not rational robots. So if you call us feeling anxious about your portfolio, we don’t launch into a financial lecture. Instead, we dig to find the root cause of your concern and then focus on a solution. Our passion for the human factor comes first. It’s our culture, it’s our credo, it’s our purpose.

Life Event Experience

Life Event Experience

You only live once, so navigating experiences like retirement, selling a business, and divorce can be stressful. Our team has guided clients through these events for years. We can help you evaluate the choices, costs, risks and opportunities – both quantitative and qualitative.

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Stress & Decision Making

Stress & Decision Making

Stress is a problem for your health, brain function and decision-making process. We apply recent brain science to training and coaching materials designed to mitigate stress and help keep you from making decisions you might regret later.

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Wealth Management

Wealth Management

Our mission is to help you achieve your financial goals without the anxiety that even affluent families can feel when it comes to money. We believe the entire purpose of wealth is to create a better life, and our definition of wealth goes far beyond your balance sheet.

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Our New Model In Action

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Life Happens

Whether you saw it coming or find yourself caught off-guard, life will throw some pretty big stuff at you. And big events with high stakes can cause stress:

• A sudden change in your financial condition
• Death of someone close to you
• A change in your family, health, career, or business

Wealth managers Atlanta: Behavioral Wealth Management firm
Pressure's On

Most people find these events to be:

  • Confusing and complex – They’re full of unknowns.
  • High-stakes – They could greatly impact your future.
  • High-pressure – You may only get one chance at your decision.
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Hello, Stress!

Our ancestors faced immediate, urgent stressors like large predators. Though our lives may no longer depend on it, our brains still release hormones to help us fight immediate physical danger.

Behavioral finance, behavioral economics, behavioral wealth management
Your Brain's CEO Goes AWOL

These hormones start a chain reaction that can reduce our ability to think clearly and consider options rationally. So making decisions becomes harder.

Financial decisions, stress - behavioral finance
Decisions Can Be Difficult

Suddenly, you’re less able to assimilate information and solve problems, so making levelheaded decisions becomes more difficult.

Financial decisions, stress - behavioral finance
Potential Results

When making decisions under stress, you can use processes and reach conclusions you’d be unlikely to choose under calmer circumstances, which can lead to regret.

You May Have Only One Chance To Make Your Best Decision

Since your brain function and decision processes aren’t behaving normally, how can you even attempt to make a decision you’ll still be happy with in years or decades?

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That's Where JOYN Comes In

  • Wealth Management

    Wealth Management

    We provide the customized wealth management services you need – financial plans, investment plans, risk plans, estate plans, even plans for events like gaining liquidity from your business or company stock plan. And since we believe money is just one component of wealth, we help you better understand your values, talents, priorities and goals. Those insights become inputs to your wealth plan and a life plan we develop with you over time. After all, money alone doesn’t create a meaningful life. It’s how you use your money that counts. Learn how we work with you or dig into our investing philosophy.

  • Stress & Decisions

    Stress & Decisions

    Let’s say you’re feeling anxious about the market, a particular investment, or something much bigger, like a major life decision. Our goal is to help you address your stress (whether you recognize it or not) and avoid decisions you may later regret. We’ve designed training sessions, guided conversations, even games that can help you focus on what’s most important, reduce your anxiety, and make confident decisions that are consistent with your life plan, goals, values and priorities. More about stress, decisions, and JOYN’s support.

  • Life Event Experience

    Life Event Experience

    While a particular life event may be a first for you, it’s probably not a first for the team at JOYN. And the stakes can be high when it comes to the decisions you face. That’s why we start by helping you manage your stress so you can feel more confident. Then we help you navigate the web of tax, investment, financial planning, and quality-of-life variables involved. We also bring in your personal, family, lifestyle and charitable goals (among other factors) and work with you to balance what’s most important to you and the people you love. Learn more about our guidance during life events.

  • Passion For The Human Factor

    Passion For The Human Factor

    Heard the term “robo-advisor?” That’s not us. We’re committed to helping people, not financial profiles. Money is just a tool – one of many – to help you live the life you’ve worked so hard to achieve. So we’ll talk with you about more than your portfolios, retirement goals, and your estate plan. We’ll talk with you about life goals, the multiple components of wealth, and the three keys to a happy life. And we’re determined to help you get there. More: how we work with you.


  • Money has a happiness max

    A Princeton University study suggests that each dollar earned above $75k/year (in 2008*) doesn’t create a corresponding increase in happiness. And then it hit us: why help clients amass significant levels of wealth if, statistically, they are no happier? When we asked that question, we realized the traditional model of wealth management is broken – it’s about “more money” and ignores quality of life. That’s why we’ve spent a decade creating Behavioral Wealth Management. *$75k in 2008 = $81,410 in 2015

  • Hello, Commodity City!

    Much of what financial advisors did even just a few years ago can now be handled by software – very good software, we might add, but it’s really designed to handle common financial issues for mass market customers. You deserve sophisticated, customized advice for the complexities that come with your success. That can’t be replaced just by software, apps, robo-advisors, or industry newbies who cost less than experienced pros.

  • You need experience

    In a commoditized market, firms compete on price and cut costs. So what’s one of a service industry’s biggest costs? Experienced, high-priced talent. Firms often compensate with lower-cost options: less-experienced hires, more automation, fewer people, and less personalized service. You deserve better.

  • It’s hard to know what you’ll get

    Choosing a wealth advisor is a challenge, especially if they look and sound the same (like a commodity). So what should you do – flip a coin? That’s probably not the best way to decide who oversees your nest egg. Once you do, it may be some time before you know whether that firm is really right for you. At JOYN, you can join us at a variety of workshops to see Behavioral Wealth Management in action before you even think of entrusting your money to us. We also believe in transparency, so we’ll show you how we invest. And we’ll be clear about what our mission is, too. We’re here to help you use your wealth to improve your life. Does that sound different? You be the judge.

  • Investment pros aren’t immune to emotion

    Even financial industry pros can feel an adrenaline rush, stress or even panic in volatile markets. It’s not a character flaw; it’s human nature. But science has shown that those emotions can drive short-term thinking and erratic investment decisions. That’s another reason we created Behavioral Wealth Management: to mitigate stressed decision-making that can potentially derail a disciplined, long-term investment plan. And because we’re human, too, we apply those same principles to our own investment management activities with a team-based, process-driven approach. Because if you expect a strategy to work, you need to stick with it.

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When wealth advisors look and sound the same, how do you choose? A coin flip? Pick your neighbor? Why leave such an important decision to chance? Instead, join us at an upcoming workshop. Hear recent research, discover new insights, and experience JOYN’s transparency and expertise firsthand.

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