Calvin Reid Spins for Kids with Serious Illnesses

Annual fundraiser provides life-changing camp experiences for thousands of Georgia children

By Betty Dworschak   |   September 24, 2016

calvin reid

As an accountant for GV, Calvin Reid doesn’t just crunch numbers. Calvin enjoys biking and he loves kids, so for the last five years, he has been counting the miles he bikes while training for the annual Camp Twin Lakes Spin for Kids. Cyclists raise money to provide life-changing experiences for thousands of Georgia children with serious illnesses, disabilities, and other life challenges.

Founded in 1993, Camp Twin Lakes was created to give every child a chance to enjoy summer camp at one of three fully-accessible, medically-supportive campsites. Alongside other non-profits, the camp creates programs geared toward children with specific needs. Their goal: giving campers a big confidence boost and a chance to learn how to overcome obstacles and grow in their capabilities.

Calvin enjoys the annual ride with his children and his GV colleagues. One year, eight people formed a GV team, riding hundreds of miles and raising thousands of dollars.


Calvin Reid in his fifth Spin for Kids

Calvin loves the exhilaration he feels from riding the 27-mile course each year. More importantly, he takes pride knowing he has helped children like Micayla Pollak, who suffers from Celiac Disease.

Celiac Disease is an autoimmune disease that means Micayla must stick to a strict gluten-free diet. Until she went to Camp Twin Lakes, she had never met anyone else with her condition.

“Even if my food touches something with gluten, I cannot eat it,” said Micayla, a third-year camper.

“It’s an amazing feeling to be surrounded with people who go through the same struggles as you do, and for that one week a year, we can take worry off our plate and just be ‘normal,'” she wrote to camp supporters.

That’s what keeps Calvin coming back to ride each year for Camp Twin Lakes Spin for Kids. For more information, please visit, or if you want to join Calvin to help kids like Micayla, you can donate to Calvin’s fundraising page. This year’s ride is October 16.

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