Client Service Associate

Atlanta, GA

POSITION: Client Service Associate

REPORTS TO: Manager, Client Teams and Services

LOCATION: Atlanta, Georgia

We believe the wealth management industry is broken. It has become a commodity that focuses on numbers alone – how much and by when – and it is fast being challenged by software and robo-advisors.

At JOYN, we’ve invested a decade developing a new wealth management model – Behavioral Wealth Management. This model recognizes that money matters; it’s just not all that matters. Traditional wealth management focuses on numbers alone, not necessarily on helping clients understand how to use ALL of their resources (rather than just their money) to navigate critical life decisions. Our model combines expertise in wealth management, the science of stress & decisions, life event experience, and passion for “the human factor.” This allows us to guide clients through personal & professional decisions — especially stressful and expensive life challenges — and empowers our clients to build a truly exceptional life.

If you are tired of exclusively having money-focused conversations that ignore your clients’ life circumstances, passions, and desires for a more meaningful and joyful life, consider joining our team as we seek to revolutionize the wealth management world.


The Client Management Group at JOYN consists of a team of professionals who are responsible for ensuring that our prospects and clients receive outstanding service. The primary function of the Client Service Advisor in this department is to support JOYN’s Advisors as they deliver service to our clients.

Key responsibilities:

Preparing paperwork for client meetings, performing research as necessary to ensure that this paperwork is completed accurately
Completing applications, maintaining client accounts, communicating with custodians to resolve issues
Coordinating with other team members to ensure that the team’s goals and deadlines are met, working with team of CSA’s to provide seamless back up and workflow
Prepare, edit and proofread various types of client correspondence
Keeping advisors and associate advisors informed of the status of tasks and projects
Maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements
Scheduling, filing, lunch ordering and other miscellaneous administrative tasks
Keeping up to speed with in-office training on all new technology implementations
Delivering seamless implementation of services and products
Respond to client inquiries and/or issues as appropriate
Taking client calls – determine which matters can be handled independently and which should be referred to the Associate Advisor or other team member
Attending client meetings as necessary to takes notes and complete paperwork

Do you have:

Minimum of 2 years of directly related experience – this includes experience in brokerage houses, financial services firms, or the financial planning and/or wealth management departments in a bank. Candidates without related experience will not be considered
Experience managing client relationships in advisory capacity a plus
Ability to adapt to new and changing technology, industry advancements and efficiencies
High level of attention to detail
Ability to consistently deliver high quality results
Goal- and service-oriented professional who is comfortable in a highly team-oriented environment
Excellent verbal and written communication skills
Strong work ethic
Ability to work with various personality types
Active Series 6 or 7 license required


In 2014, JOYN was ranked by REP. Magazine as the 98th largest independent registered investment advisor in the United States by total assets under management. Founded by David & Matthew Geller in 1991, the company began developing the foundation for Behavioral Wealth Management in 2005. Over the years, the firm and its team members (average tenure of all JOYN employees as of August 2016: 9.2 years) have garnered a variety of local and national accolades for their services and accomplishments. The firm serves the needs of high net worth individuals, privately-owned businesses and their families and has more than $1.1 billion in assets under management as of June 30, 2016.