JOYN CEO Quoted in Timely Wall Street Journal Article

David Geller discusses how wealthy parents can talk to their children about family money

February 13, 2018

Wealth: Talking to children about family wealth

Most wealthy parents feel conflicted talking to their children about family money, Read a summary of David Geller's advice in Feb 12's Wall Street Journal.  Read More

You’re Not Just A Deal

By Marc Lewyn   |   April 4, 2017

Sell A Business - You're Not Just A Deal

For you, selling your business is the deal of a lifetime. For them, it’s the deal of the week. Before you think about liquidity, think about this: you’re not just A DEAL.  Read More

GV Financial’s Evolution Leads To Revolutionary Name Change

By David Geller   |   November 21, 2016

JOYN Behavioral Wealth Management Firm Atlanta

On November 17th, we held an extraordinary "top secret" event. At the end of that memorable evening, we announced our new name, JOYN. We're still the same firm working with you to help you create extraordinary, joyful lives. We haven’t changed our solemn commitment to invest your money responsibly, effectively and competitively.   Read More

Know Thy Enemy – Conquering Investor Fear

By Aradhana Kejriwal   |   November 4, 2016

fear, investing decisions & investment returns

Ask a roomful of people what makes an investor “savvy” and you might stir up a boisterous debate. Does a savvy investor do homework or jump in at major news? Focus on potential returns or strongly consider downside risk? What you probably won't hear is the word FEAR. And you should. "Know Thy Enemy!"  Read More

Catalyst in Financial Advisory Industry Intent on Changing Lives, Changes Name

Behavioral Wealth Management Firm that Defined the Category Creates Remarkable Philanthropic Experience at Launch Event

October 24, 2016

GV Financial - Behavioral Wealth Management Firm Launch Event

You’ve heard it a thousand times. A company changes its name, holds a self-congratulatory launch with bland chicken, glad-handing, and branded tchotchkes – and then goes back to business as usual. But what if the new brand built the company’s mission into the unveiling, and the new name wasn’t even the cornerstone of the announcement? What if the event itself could change dozens to hundreds of lives? That's GV's plan.  Read More