Marc Lewyn Discusses Tax Planning Strategies for High Net Worth Individuals

By Betty Dworschak   |   April 13, 2017

Conservation Easements: Tax shelter

In the thick of tax season, JOYN’s Marc Lewyn, CEO of Strategic Liquidity Services, is sharing valuable insights on tax shelters for high net worth clients. In this April 2017 Financial Planning article (and this one from JOYN’s archive), he discusses one attractive opportunity: conservation easements.

For taxpayers with large properties, conservation easements allow them to generate big federal tax deductions by converting all or a portion of it into a land trust. This approach has other benefits to the taxpayer as well:

  1. Reducing the tax burden on the property; and
  2. Protecting the property from future development so it can be enjoyed for generations to come.

Marc explains, “Easements have become the coin of the realm, so to speak. Having familiarity with the potential benefits and the risks allows advisers to provide a valuable filter for clients.”

According to the article, “The total number of acres in the U.S. under easements overseen by land trusts at the end of 2015 was almost 16.8 million, more than double the acreage under easement a decade earlier, according to the Land Trust Alliance. At the end of 2005, the total nationally was 6,113,108.”

To find out more about converting land into a trust and other tax saving opportunities, please feel free to email Marc directly or contact JOYN here.

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