Freedom: The CEO and The Artist

By David Geller   |   June 3, 2013

Who has more freedom of choice, the CEO earning millions or the Artist earning a modest income?  Most of us believe the CEO has far more choices and consequently far more freedom. After all, her financial wealth gives her the freedom to live where she wants, eat out every night of the week, and fly first class to Europe. She has all the freedom money can buy.

The Artist, however, has his own type of freedom. Because he is not burdened by the constant demands of running a business, he can wake up most mornings and decide to pack a picnic for the park, work on his art, or go for a long hike in the woods.  The Artist enjoys the freedom of time.  By contrast, the CEO’s schedule is almost always full. Even with all her money, she lacks the freedom to decide spontaneously what she wants to do.

Many of us equate money with freedom. We mistakenly believe the more money we have, the freer we become.  That is often not the case when we sacrifice our freedom of time in the pursuit of money.

We can, of course, use our money to expand our free time.  How?  We can hire others to do tasks we don’t enjoy – yard work, for instance – thereby freeing ourselves to spend more time with the people we love and pursue our passions.

Do you have all the freedom you desire?  If not, which do you think would help you create the life you desire – more money or more time?


About the Author

CEO David Geller co-founded the firm in 1991 and led the creation of Behavioral Wealth Management. Recognized on numerous prestigious "top financial advisor" lists, David is an in-demand speaker for professional groups and JOYN workshops. His writings have appeared in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and The Huffington Post.

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