Getting Out of My Own Way (Part I)

By Sherwin Nelson Clemons   |   September 9, 2013

Every so often I will – against all odds – latch onto something.  A few moons ago, I finally decided that I had more control over my health than I was willing to admit.  Maybe “decided” isn’t quite the right word.  Perhaps what happened is that I was finally ready to accept what I always knew to be true:  what was stopping me from being healthy wasn’t my work schedule or my commitments to various nonprofits.  I finally understood that what was stopping me was ME.  That revelation was sobering.  And liberating.

Once I realized that I had control, I began to seek out ways to make better health choices.  I got a handle on my food and exercise choices.  Now, when I see changes in the scale or the fit of my clothing, I can do a pretty good job of pinpointing the issue – without first languishing in despair for days or weeks.  And when I start to feel overly anxious even when there’s no obvious reason for it, I know I can look at my sleep patterns and intensify my exercise to nip that once-paralyzing anxiety in the bud!

I’m proud to say I completed several biking miles by participating in various charity races around town — something I previously had assumed I would never be able to do.  And the best part?  I love every aching mile.

Sherwin Nelson Clemons

About the Author

Sherwin Nelson Clemons is the VP of Advisory Services and a Senior Financial Advisor at JOYN. Known for her calm spirit in tense or emotional financial situations, Sherwin enjoys making complex planning ideas simple and relevant to her clients. She is a Certified Financial Planner® and a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®.

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