Getting Out of My Own Way (Part II)

By Sherwin Nelson Clemons   |   September 16, 2013

Working closely with GV’s Guided Wealth Transformation® team, on training with my fellow advisors, and with my clients, I have become increasingly aware of limitations I put on myself.  We acknowledge some of these limitations – I once said I’d never be fit enough to bike from Decatur to Stone Mountain, and then around the mountain and back – but some limitations sneak into our self-perception subconsciously.  Occasionally, through sheer willpower, we can tackle the limitations we acknowledge, but it is often our hidden limitations that prove more damaging.

In Guided Wealth Transformation®, we refer to these limitations as the Five Barriers to Using our Wealth to Create a Happier Life.  As a reminder, they are:

  1. Being confused about the meaning of money.
  2. Feeling restricted, overwhelmed or even burdened because you are climbing the anxiety pyramid.
  3. Being unclear about your Life Priorities.Ô
  4. Failing to appreciate that your true wealth is more than just your money.  We believe there are six elements of wealth: your financial resources, time, talents, wisdom, mind & body, and network & community.
  5. Neglecting to focus on the three keys to a happy life – creating great relationships, doing activities that allow you to have more engaged experiences and making a difference in the lives of others.

How can Guided Wealth Transformation® get you past your hidden limitations?

I have the privilege of focusing on the principles of Guided Wealth Transformation® every day, and yet I am still surprised at how illuminating the process can and has been for me, my colleagues and my clients.  By approaching new challenges and new opportunities using the GWT® framework, I find I can free myself from my own limitations and old paradigms that otherwise left me stuck.

A few months ago I read an article that challenged the reader to imagine starting from nothingness.  What if we could start anew with all the obligations put on our time?  What if we were not limited by the labels we were born with or assigned to us?  How do labels like our name, gender, race, region, religion, size, age, personal style, family history, birth order, title and our job affect who we are and what we believe about ourselves?  What if we could approach every challenge or opportunity from “nothing”?

I found the notion of starting with a truly blank slate hard to fully embrace.  For better or worse, we are defined by our obligations and our labels.  But, as I continued to ponder the challenge, I realized that the goal was not to reject every label or every obligation, only to make sure that we consciously and deliberately accept these obligations and labels, and only when they fit within our Life Priorities and values.  GWT® helps me appreciate that we all have six elements of wealth and that it is our job to figure out how best to use them all – especially our time – to create the life we desire.

I also realized this:  I get in my own way a lot!  Call it labels, childhood money messages, the illusion of control, or the Five Barriers to Wealth, I am often my own biggest obstacle to accomplishing my goals.  Those close to me have heard my new mantra lately, “I am getting out of my own way!”

Sherwin Nelson Clemons

About the Author

Sherwin Nelson Clemons is the VP of Advisory Services and a Senior Financial Advisor at JOYN. Known for her calm spirit in tense or emotional financial situations, Sherwin enjoys making complex planning ideas simple and relevant to her clients. She is a Certified Financial Planner® and a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®.

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