GV Financial’s Evolution Leads To Revolutionary Name Change

By David Geller   |   November 21, 2016

JOYN Behavioral Wealth Management Firm Atlanta

On November 17th, we held an extraordinary “top secret” event. At the end of that memorable evening, we announced our new name.

We’re proud of our 25-year history of serving Atlanta under the Geller and GV names. Yet since we’re leading a revolution, we need a name that reflects our evolution. A name that joins wealth management with the science of human decision-making. And joins our clients with what really matters – living an extraordinary, joyful life.

Our new name is JOYN.

Why the new name?

Over the millennia, society has evolved – we’re no longer wearing bear skins or fighting tigers with buck knives, after all. But what HASN’T changed is our biological response to stress and fear of the unknown – reactions that can wreak havoc on our decisions, especially financial ones.

Financial advisors crank out projections and investment proposals as if numbers were the only thing we need to make critical decisions. The industry assumes we use perfect logic and squelch all emotion to choose the option that will generate the most wealth – even though research and our own experience shows that’s NOT how we humans behave.

It’s about time someone takes this problem seriously.

We’ve pioneered a new model: Behavioral Wealth Management

And we have. Twelve years ago, we began to evolve our expertise, service, and organization to pioneer a new discipline: Behavioral Wealth Management.

We studied 50 years of research in the behavioral sciences. We learned that our environment, behaviors, thoughts & emotions are intertwined. And that human biology and our built-in biases can alter our decisions at critical moments – and rarely for the better.

Behavioral Wealth Management is designed to neutralize the negative and provide context – financial AND emotional – to help people make more considered, confident choices that align with what’s most important in their lives.

That’s critical because we build our lives one decision at a time.

We believe Behavioral Wealth Management represents the future of our industry.

What’s changed?

Very little other than the obvious:

  • Our logo, letterhead, and business cards!
  • Our new URL is gvftest.wpengine.com. The old URL will automatically redirect you for six months or more.
  • Our email addresses are shorter — first name@joynadvisors.com. But don’t worry — we’ll still receive email at our GV addresses for quite a while. You’ll see our new addresses when we send messages to you or reply to messages you send us.

What hasn’t changed?

We’re still the same firm. The same people and the same teams will be working with you to help you create extraordinary, joyful lives. We haven’t sold the firm, merged with another firm, or taken on new owners. We haven’t moved. (Sadly, we also haven’t completely fixed our peculiar parking lot, but we have hope.)

We haven’t changed our solemn commitment to invest your money responsibly, effectively and competitively. We remain committed to helping you grow your wealth, reduce your taxes, and make decisions in context.

Instead, we’ve incorporated behavioral science into our practice. We’ve EXPANDED what we do to APPLY THAT SCIENCE as we work with clients making critical decisions.

Every day, we work hard every day to earn your trust, to manage your money so you can live confident, joyful lives, and to live by our four core values.

  1. We do what is right.
  2. We are advocates for our clients and the people and causes you care about.
  3. We strive to be more than fair.
  4. We take responsibility for all we say and do.

We’re looking ahead to the next 25 years.

We evolved our firm’s practice because we weren’t content with the status quo. The financial planning industry is broken because it ignores the human factor – most important, the outdated model wasn’t helping our clients live confident, joyful lives.

We hope to change how everyone looks at their money and wealth. To help our clients develop healthier relationships with money, gain a better understanding of our innate biases that affect our decision-making, and learn strategies to reduce their impact. We’re here to help you increase your confidence, make decisions that reflect your passions and your priorities, and use your wealth to create an extraordinary, joyful life.

We look forward to continue working with you as we renew this great adventure. If you have questions or concerns, please call your JOYN advisor.


David Geller, CEO
Matthew Geller, President

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David Geller

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