Pebbles and Rocks

March 8, 2010

Many of us derive a great deal of pleasure in being careful with our money. Do you remember the last time this happened to you? By researching over the internet, you were able to save ten dollars on a new flat screen monitor or you by digging into the details and negotiating on your insurance policy you were able to finagle a fifty dollar annual reduction...  Read More

Suzanne Durbin recognized by the Atlanta Business Chronicle

Named to 2009's "Rising Stars -- 40 under 40"

November 16, 2009

Atlanta Business Chronicle Top Wealth Managers Atlanta

GV is proud to announce that our own senior wealth advisor and partner Suzanne Durbin has been selected by the Atlanta Business Chronicle as one of 2009’s “Up and Comers 40 under 40” rising stars.  Read More

An Unfair Advantage

By Marc Lewyn   |   October 29, 2009

One way to gain an unfair advantage in a marketplace where many competitors are relying on the same data is to tap into the insight provided by our gut (emotions).  Read More

Contemplating selling your business?

Keys to a successful exit

By Charlie Gray   |   October 5, 2009

Are you considering selling your business? Start by asking this question: "Why do I want to sell my business?" Why is this question so important? To achieve clarity of purpose. Knowing exactly what you want and need from the sale of your business may define the structure of the sale.  Read More

Choosing a Financial Advisor

3 advisor-client models: Which is best for you?

By Marc Lewyn   |   September 16, 2009

If you're choosing a financial advisor, the advisor-client relationship is probably important to you. There are three different financial advisory models with fundamental differences in the structure of that relationship. Here's a look at the different models.  Read More

Money – Friend or Foe?

August 21, 2009

When you are young and of modest means, mistakenly believing that money represents security, for example, can encourage you to increase earn more and spend less to feel more secure. But once you become wealthy, continuing to link money to emotions can be harmful because it can artificially restrict your ability to use your money.   Read More

Life is Short

July 21, 2009

We have all experienced the death of a close friend, and during those times, we often comment that life is short. Undoubtedly, that is true – the years fly by with increasing speed.   Read More