Using Gamma in Your Portfolio and Financial Plan

By Jason Eagle   |   September 17, 2018

A gamma ray burst turned Bruce Banner into the Hulk and transformed a group of astronauts on an expedition into the Fantastic Four. And though we aren’t talking about gamma rays, we believe a different type of gamma can be harnessed in your portfolio and your financial plan. With respect to portfolio performance, we talk about: alpha (α), a measurement of excess return; beta (β), a measurement of relative risk; and delta (∆), a measurement of change.  But there is little…  Read More

JOYN Advisors Makes a Splash at this Year’s Alpharetta Business Expo

By Jarrett Oakley   |   September 17, 2018

On August 24, JOYN gathered with over 100 other exhibitors to engage with Alpharetta citizens and business leaders at the Atlanta Marriott Hotel for the 2018 Alpharetta Business Expo. In all, over 900 people were in attendance. The event, presented by the Alpharetta Business Association, featured new businesses and emerging tech start-ups from Tech Alpharetta, as well as an insightful healthcare panel from HIPnation entitled, “A Doctor’s View to Control Healthcare Costs.” “It was a fantastic event and a great way to…  Read More

JOYN Recognized Among Top Financial Advisors in the U.S. by Financial Times

Financial Times Names JOYN to FT300, one of just 16 Top Financial Advisors in Georgia

June 28, 2018

Atlanta, GA – June 28, 2018: JOYN, Atlanta’s Behavioral Wealth Management firm, has been named to the Financial Times 300 (FT 300) Top Registered Investment Advisers for the fourth time in five years. The ranking recognizes the top independent RIA firms across the United States based on assets under management and other factors.* JOYN is one of just 16 RIAs named in Georgia, and it’s “the first time that Atlanta was home to the most FT 300 advisers, with 14. New…  Read More

JOYN CEO Takes to the Airwaves to Discuss Innovative Behavioral Wealth Management Model

By David Geller   |   June 8, 2018

Behavioral Wealth Management Model

JOYN’s Behavioral Wealth Management Model JOYN’s mission is to change the way America thinks about money. Recently, we took to the airwaves to do just that. Last week, JOYN’s CEO David Geller joined Business Radio X’s Stone Payton for an in-depth interview to discuss how — by combining exceptional wealth and investment management with the wisdom of behavioral science – we help our clients live more fulfilling, joyful lives. Their engaging conversation spanned a number of topics, from how we help clients navigate money messages that affect their decision-making, to…  Read More

Show Me the (Latest Study on) Money!

By David Geller   |   March 28, 2018

You’ve no doubt heard us say that above a certain threshold, additional money doesn’t generate a corresponding boost in happiness. But now, there’s a new study that drills down a bit more to explore what that means. The seminal 2010 Princeton study, co-authored by two Nobel laureates[1], concluded that income and happiness are correlated, but only up to a point. Intuitively, that makes perfect sense because if you’re worried about paying for necessities, like having enough money to put a roof…  Read More

JOYN CEO Quoted in Timely Wall Street Journal Article

David Geller discusses how wealthy parents can talk to their children about family money

February 13, 2018

Wealth: Talking to children about family wealth

Most wealthy parents feel conflicted talking to their children about family money, Read a summary of David Geller's advice in Feb 12's Wall Street Journal.  Read More

Mind-Bending Markets Play “Red Light/Green Light”

By David Geller   |   February 7, 2018


Many news media sensationalized the market pullback by focusing on the DJIA's "biggest single-day point decline" (-1,175). Yet the percentage decline (-4.6%) was only its 100th worst single trading day. Then on Feb 6, the market changed direction 29 times before the Dow ultimately closed up 567 points (2.3%).  Read More

A Message of Hope

By David Geller   |   December 22, 2017

Wealth Management firm advocates making a positive difference

I have so much to be thankful for this holiday season, yet I find myself feeling frustrated and sad. In today’s world, it’s easy to feel discouraged. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We can choose a different path, one of hope and resilience.   Read More