2016 Market Selloff & Investment Outlook [RECORDING]

By Aradhana Kejriwal   |   February 19, 2016

Thank you to everyone who joined us online for our “2016 Market Selloff & Investment Outlook” webinar. Here is the recording to watch/share at your convenience:

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Here are some of the topics we covered during the hour:

  • We reviewed data suggesting that the economy may not be as gloomy as the market selloff suggests. Consumer confidence is holding up, retail sales are up, unemployment is down, and oil prices are down (but demand is increasing).
  • Investors’ current bearish outlook could be a positive contrarian indicator. Historically, extremely negative investor sentiment often has preceded market recoveries.
  • We shared the Federal Reserve’s model, which suggests a recession is unlikely.
  • We looked fear in the face – what if we faced another Great Depression? We reviewed some hypothetical worst-case scenarios.
  • We showed that experts historically haven’t been good at making predictions.
  • We looked at global market performance and how various asset classes have performed over time and explored other reasons favoring diversifying your portfolio.
  • Finally, with this market selloff, we asked if this might be a good time to invest.

If you have any questions or comments after you review the webinar, please contact us here or reach out directly to your favorite GV team member.

Aradhana Kejriwal

About the Author

Aradhana Kejriwal, CFA®, is JOYN's Chief Investment Officer and co-chairs the Investment Committee, which formulates and implements the firm's investment philosophy, strategies, processes and procedures. With 19 years of investment experience, she's a popular industry writer and speaker.

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