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By Aradhana Kejriwal, Charlie Gray   |   August 14, 2015

We’re pleased to have connected with so many of you during our live webinar on August 12. Titled “Your Hot Summer Investing Questions,” we covered a lot of topics in this episode of our regular investing outlook webcasts. You can watch the recording below if you missed it!

Here’s a summary of the agenda:

  1. The “Behavior Gap” and its impact on portfolio returns for individual investors.
  2. What’s happened YTD and how GV has adjusted client portfolios. The discussion included the performance of diversified portfolios, U.S. vs non-U.S. stocks, and commodities.
  3. What’s next: Bonds & interest rates; potential stock market correction.
  4. What to keep an eye on: Active vs. passive investments; capital gains.

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Aradhana Kejriwal

About the Author

Aradhana Kejriwal, CFA®, is JOYN's Chief Investment Officer and co-chairs the Investment Committee, which formulates and implements the firm's investment philosophy, strategies, processes and procedures. With 19 years of investment experience, she's a popular industry writer and speaker.

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Charlie Gray

About the Author

VP & Senior Financial Advisor Charlie Gray, CFP®, is a founding member and partner at JOYN. He has 30 years of financial planning and investment experience working with successful business & community leaders and their families. He also serves on the firm’s Investment Committee.

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