Is The Fear of Looking Foolish Holding You Back?

By David Geller   |   March 24, 2014

We live in a world that glamorizes success and often ridicules failure. Everybody posts on Facebook how wonderful their life is; nobody posts about their troubles or struggles.  We constantly strive to look good and project the right image.

We avoid, at all costs, looking foolish.

The challenge is that it can be hard to accomplish something great without running the risk of looking foolish.  We might stumble and fall in our new business venture.  Our new novel or work of art might not be well received.  We might get trounced at the polls if we run for political office.

And so we hesitate, we hold back, we do nothing.

Because we don’t want to look foolish.

Is the fear of looking foolish holding you back?

If so, foolish to whom and why do you care? There may be people who judge you harshly.  So what?  Whenever we pursue our dreams, we take the chance of failing and looking foolish.  Anyone who has pursued their own dreams understands that, and is likely to admire your courage.

Remember that the pain of looking foolish is usually short lived; the satisfaction of living your dream is enduring.

About the Author

CEO David Geller co-founded the firm in 1991 and led the creation of Behavioral Wealth Management. Recognized on numerous prestigious "top financial advisor" lists, David is an in-demand speaker for professional groups and JOYN workshops. His writings have appeared in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and The Huffington Post.

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