It’s Fine

By David Geller   |   August 12, 2013

Have you ever heard someone use the phrase, It’s fine?  How is your job?  It’s fine. How is your marriage?  It’s fine. How is your relationship with your brother?  It’s fine.  You’ve probably not only heard it, you likely have said it a few times, too.


Fine often means of exceptionally high quality. The Rolls Royce is the finest car. And yet, when we respond, It’s fine, often what we really mean is the situation is acceptable. Certainly not great, but good enough.


Why do we accept jobs, marriages and relationships that are merely acceptable?  All too often, it is because we are afraid.  Afraid of the challenge that is required to change the situation.  Afraid that somehow, we will lose what we have and be worse off.


We are afraid because we underestimate our capacity to deal with change and to craft a more fulfilling life.  We are afraid because we overlook our resilience, our amazing ability to move beyond today’s adversities and forge a new and better life for ourselves and our loved ones.


Do you doubt your capacity to change?  Do you doubt your resilience?


Take a moment to think about the last time you faced a personal challenge. How did you handle the situation?  What did you do to survive, and ultimately, to thrive?


When we settle for less than we want, we trade the possibility of a great future for the reality of an adequate present. That’s usually a bad trade. If we keep in mind our capacity to deal with change and our resilience, we can move from It’s fine to It’s great! And isn’t great what we want our life to be?

About the Author

CEO David Geller co-founded the firm in 1991 and led the creation of Behavioral Wealth Management. Recognized on numerous prestigious "top financial advisor" lists, David is an in-demand speaker for professional groups and JOYN workshops. His writings have appeared in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and The Huffington Post.

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