Marc Lewyn Teaches Law Students About Charitable Remainder Trusts

By Betty Dworschak   |   November 23, 2015

Marc Lewyn speaks about Charitable Remainder Trusts

On November 16, Marc Lewyn, CEO of Strategic Liquidity Services at GV, spoke to 75 second and third year law students at the University of Pittsburgh Law School about the “Power of the Charitable Remainder Trust.”

Marc, whose brother is a professor at the law school, talked about the satisfaction of creating something great while living rather than waiting until after death. The class centered around personal revenue tax planning, charitable tax planning and estate taxes with ways to create more money for the family, paying little-to-no money in taxes and giving more to charities.

Marc welcomes the opportunity to interact with law students. “It’s always a fulfilling experience to speak to law students,” he explains. “As a former law student, I feel that sprinkling some powerful real world experiences in with the technical stuff enhances their confidence for the future.”

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