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By David Geller   |   August 7, 2019

JOYN’s Behavioral Wealth Management model integrates Wealth Management and Investment Advice with the Science of Human Behavior to help you make the best financial and life decisions for you and your loved ones.

Yet, in order to successfully deliver this revolutionary new discipline of financial advice, we realized that we needed to build resilient teams with keen expertise and diverse knowledge sets.

That’s why we are thrilled to introduce you to our three Behavioral Wealth Specialists – Adrienne Criste, Cohen Duncan, and Heidi Geller.

Our licensed Behavioral Wealth Specialists and staff have designed trainings and guided conversations that can help you get centered and confident, help you focus on what’s most important, and make decisions consistent with your values and life priorities.

Their educational and professional experience is vast, including: four master’s degrees ranging from social work and organizational psychology to Marriage and Family Therapy; as well as Licenses in Clinical Social Work and Marriage and Family Therapy.

Below is a snapshot of our three behavioral experts on staff from their biographies.


Adrienne Criste

Adrienne’s extensive career as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker includes serving as a High School Counselor in Houston, child welfare and foster care prevention expert in Spanish Harlem, and a medical social worker in the NICU unit of Unitedhealth Corps.

Importantly, Adrienne Criste’s 15 years of professional experience are defined by helping people work through life challenges and behavioral issues, whether that be poverty, early childhood development, foster care, and improving mental health.

“My hope is that I provide even more context and real-life application to an already revolutionary way of understanding our behaviors and how they impact our financial management — and the management of our life’s pursuits,” said Adrienne.

“When you make behavioral science and human decision-making a core focus, it can fundamentally change a person’s trajectory in life for the better,” she said.

Read more about Adrienne here.


Cohen Duncan

Born and raised in California, Cohen served as a professional figure skating coach, supporting athletes in accomplishing their goals by harnessing the power of athleticism, nurturing resilience, and performance enhancement strategies.

“Helping my students find that healthy balance of athletics, personal and professional or academic pursuits was – and remains – invigorating to me,” says Cohen. “It motivated me to build upon my passion for empowering others and to pursue a career in marriage and family therapy.”

She’s thrilled to be apart of the JOYN family. Ultimately, her goal is to help people navigate their decision-making process while keeping in mind the broader context of their lives and their values.

“Money is extremely emotional,” describes Cohen. “So, having a framework within which to understand choices and decisions around money is very powerful. It’s liberating. Unlocking this wisdom from within can lead to them fully realizing the lives they envision.”

“I look forward to supporting clients in making decisions that honor what is most important to them and their vision of happiness.”

Read more about Cohen here.


Heidi Geller

Heidi brings a fresh perspective to her work at JOYN. As a Master of Social Work and Master of Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Heidi sees the world through a different prism and brings a diverse set of skills as a Behavioral Wealth Specialist.

“I’m passionate about providing JOYN clients with opportunities to be their best selves, and I’m excited to accomplish that through my role of Behavioral Wealth Specialist. I also really enjoy training JOYN employees on the company’s unique approach to wealth management.

Heidi believes that her experience as a social worker enhances her efforts as a Behavioral Wealth Specialist.

“As a social worker, I understand how the human factor affects our decision-making process; it’s gratifying to be with a firm that recognizes our humanity and helps clients de-escalate stressful situations. JOYN’s holistic Behavioral Wealth Management philosophy, process, and tools really resonate with me – and more importantly, with our clients.”

Read More about Heidi here.


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David Geller

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CEO David Geller co-founded the firm in 1991 and led the creation of Behavioral Wealth Management. Recognized on numerous prestigious "top financial advisor" lists, David is an in-demand speaker for professional groups and JOYN workshops. His writings have appeared in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and The Huffington Post.

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