Andrew Williams

Portfolio Administrator

(770) 295-5719



It’s not often that you find a quiet portfolio administrator who has also spent time farming fields in New Zealand and backpacking through Europe. But Andrew, a travel enthusiast, wanted to “try something new and work outside of the office setting.” He doesn’t shy away from learning something different and new, as evidenced by his dairy farm experience. Andrew is skilled in milking cows and raising calves.

Andrew graduated from Georgia Institute of Technology with a major in Business Administration and a concentration in finance. “My deep interest in financial markets and trading comes from watching my dad. My father was a tennis teacher but dabbled in the stock market in his free time.” Andrew moved to Atlanta to escape the cold New England weather and to study engineering. Once at Georgia Tech he decided that his interest was truly finance and the markets, so he changed his major. As a Portfolio Administrator, Andrew is responsible for administering the investment portfolios of JOYN’s clients. He has a certificate from the CFA Institute Investment Foundations® Program. Before JOYN, Andrew served as a Portfolio Administrator & Trader at Cornerstone Investment Partners, LLC.

Andrew has many outside interests other than traveling. He hopes to buy a motorcycle soon for even more exploring. In between his travels, Andrew plays tennis, enjoys hiking and studies astronomy. It’s clear that Andrew hasn’t completely left Boston behind, as evidenced by his ardent enthusiasm for the New England Patriots. He visits the city at least twice a year to see his brother and cheer his team. Andrew’s parents currently reside in Tennessee.