bob sheehan

Bob Sheehan

Part-time Accounting Analyst


Early in Bob’s career in the retail industry, he was asked to train others in the use of the company’s new computer system. Not wanting to be ill informed, Bob taught himself not only to use a computer, but to actually build one. Bob has brought that desire for detail and depth of knowledge to his work as an accountant for JOYN.

Married for 38 years (to the same woman), Bob temporarily interrupted his schooling at the University of Steubenville to serve his country in the U.S. Army in Vietnam. He then came home and completed his accounting degree.

Bob has remained a longtime fan of the Buffalo Bills, although he split his allegiance by becoming a season ticket holder to the Atlanta Falcons. As a more hands-on sport, Bob and his wife enjoy bowling in a couple’s league, although Bob admits that it is more social than competitive. They have three adult children and an active grandson, Dylan.

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