Bryan Walls

Financial Advisor

(770) 295-5716



Financial Advisor Bryan Walls is serious about his work life. After graduating from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, he went on to earn a J.D. from Southern University Law Center and then started his career in finance.

Prior to joining JOYN, Bryan was a Financial Consultant/Representative with Fidelity Investments for 7 years. “Coming to JOYN was like a 180,” he says. “I often felt that the financial industry was missing something, and I’ve found the missing piece with JOYN. I’ve loved learning the science behind Behavioral Wealth Management, and helping people discover opportunities through their own filters is so much more satisfying than telling people what they should be doing.”

Bryan also enjoys tackling serious challenges In his personal life, like the Tough Mudder race—an endurance event in which participants attempt 10–12 mile-long obstacle course that tests their mental as well as physical strength. The race is designed to drive people out of their comfort zone with obstacles such as fire, water, electricity, and heights. (If you want to see Bryan wince, just ask him about the ice bath.) “I went with a group of friends,” Bryan explained. While his competitive spirit led him to finish the course, he added, laughing, “I won’t do that again!”

Bryan enjoys binge-watching shows on Netflix or going to the movies with his girlfriend Courtney. When he’s not watching shows, he’s taking pictures. His interest in photography, especially portraits, continues to grow, and Bryan is now even shooting events and portraits for others. His interest in photography sometimes overlaps with his love of sports when he occasionally does portraits of athletes and coaches at Georgia Tech.