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Cindy Wilson

Senior Financial Advisor




Cindy Wilson started her higher education in engineering because she attended a magnet high school for high achievers in math and science. Her science interest led her to a degree in exercise science and work in physical therapy; her math interest then led her to earn her MBA.


As a JOYN Advisor, Cindy is happy about the choices she’s made. “At JOYN I’m able to use my knowledge and background to find solutions for wonderful people with whom I’ve developed a close relationship,” she explains. “And most importantly, I’m working for an organization of high integrity. JOYN is all about doing what is right all the time, not only when it’s convenient. That’s important.”

Cindy and her husband Larry have 4 children — Lafayette, Imani, Xavier, and Ashley — who occupy most of their free time. “We cover all of the seasonal sports like baseball, basketball, football and soccer, plus a 4 year old girl who takes rock climbing. There’s not much time for other things,” she laughs.


But somehow, Cindy finds a little time to write. She has wanted to be a writer since childhood and has completed outlines for a novel and two movie scripts. One of her scripts follows the 1972 U.S. men’s basketball team as they earn silver at the Munich Olympics, then refuse to accept their medal.


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