cynthia strudrawa

Cynthia Studrawa

VP, Human Resources & Chief Compliance Officer




VP Human Resources, Cynthia Studrawa, has spent her career focused on organizational management issues to improve the daily functioning of workplaces. During her 10 years at JOYN, she has transformed the HR department role from a tactical administrative role to a proactive one to elevate employee performance, development and job satisfaction.

As a senior member of the management team, Cynthia relishes her leadership role in an organization which is carving out a new category of wealth management  built on “The Human Factor”. “Our mission is so tied into our culture,” says Cynthia. “Everything we do is grounded in a passion for our clients as people, not just as numbers on a spreadsheet. It’s true for both our clients and for our employees.”

Cynthia and son, Isaiah, spend much of their free time as avid game board players. And this doesn’t mean commonplace games like Monopoly or Clue. Their games are long complex sessions of Talisman, Arkham Horror or Rail Baron. Cynthia laughs about the family bent toward Science Fiction and Fantasy in the games they play, books they read, and movies they watch. Even Isaiah’s artistic drawings often pull from those themes.

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