Jarrett Oakley

Director of Marketing

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Jarrett Oakley, Director of Marketing at JOYN, considers he was born lucky because he was born a twin.

It seemed destined Jarrett would cultivate a love of language, growing up on Lake Lanier, named after noted poet Sidney Lanier. Summers on the lake were filled with reading, hiking, watersports, golfing, Boy Scouts and camping.

Jarrett earned his bachelors of science degree in International Affairs from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Currently, he is pursuing an evening masters of business administration (MBA) from Emory University, with a focus on Global Marketing and Social Enterprise.

Prior to JOYN, Jarrett served as Director of UCLA Spark, an industry-leading higher education crowdfunding platform he started at the University of California, Los Angeles. Prior to that, Jarrett served as Program Officer for the USAID Hope Fellowship Program, an immersive educational exchange program for women leaders in post-conflict Kosovo. Jarrett traveled to the region in 2012.

Jarrett is a mission-driven person with a strong moral compass when it comes to social welfare and enterprise. “One of my favorite quotes is from my Goizueta Business School: ‘The bottom line and the high road should share the same address.’ This statement has become my credo and my driving force. Private enterprise can and should advance society.”

That’s why JOYN was the perfect fit.

“JOYN’s holistic approach to financial services – that money should, first and foremost, be a tool to live a more joyful, fulfilled life – is at the apex of this social enterprise movement. I’m honored to be a part of this phenomenal team.”

Jarrett comes to work each day energized by the motivation to spread JOYN’s revolutionary behavioral wealth management services and help change the way America thinks about money.

Above all, Jarrett is thrilled to be working with likeminded, thoughtful and creative colleagues eager to support their clients and grow JOYN’s ranks.

Jarrett’s Insights