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Jason Eagle has always had a passion for helping others, so much so that he advised classmates how to best plot their course schedules in college. While at UGA, Jason began studying psychology with the goal of becoming a counselor or therapist until a course in financial planning shifted his life’s trajectory.

Today, Jason has over seven years of experience as a financial advisor and is excited to add JOYN’s Behavioral Wealth Management process to his client conversations. This innovative approach is what brought him to JOYN from Mercer Advisors.

“Money is part of the conversation,” explains Jason. “We want our clients to live fulfilling lives, and that can be done only by setting life priorities, conversations that go beyond the scope of traditional wealth management. I was attracted to JOYN because of its refreshing approach. JOYN’s financial advisors use well-developed tools to help clients uncover their own priorities rather than dictate where the client should focus.”

Financial Advisor Jason Eagle - JOYN Atlanta Behavioral Wealth Management firm

Jason and his wife, Tracey-Ann, on a civil rights food tour in Atlanta.

Not one to be content with the status quo, Jason routinely finds ways to explore his creative side through fiction writing and spiritual practices. Jason has participated in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and was able to crank out over 1,700 words per day to finish his first novel. He is currently working on a second.

Jason is also a strong advocate for the many physical and mental benefits of meditation. Both he and his wife Tracey-Ann are certified Reiki Master Teachers. Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and healing, making Jason JOYN’s office stress-repellant. Other pastimes include cooking, swimming, and the occasional round of Ultimate Frisbee.


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