Neha Sinha

Executive Assistant

(770) 295-5748



Neha graduated from the University of Georgia in 2017 with a major in Advertising and a New Media Certificate.  After graduating, Neha quickly put her degree to use by working in San Francisco creating anti-smoking campaigns for the California Department of Public Health. When asked about being an executive assistant Neha will tell you that this position fits right into her one of her passions, “I’m obsessed with being organized and bringing order to chaos.”  She is a native of Minnesota but “home is 100% Georgia.”

Neha is an avid journal writer, she says “I have extensive journals about my life so I can look back and read about it when I’m older to see how I’ve changed over the years”. Her hobbies include traveling, yoga, exploring nature and meeting new people. Neha’s two favorite things are cooking and EDM music and to say she loves both is an understatement. “I’m a great cook! I never use recipes, I just see what ingredients I have and create a dish.”

Neha’s family consists of her father, mother and younger brother. Her parents are from India with Neha and her brother being the first-born generation in the United States.