sandra jaramillo

Sandra Jaramillo

Business Analyst


When Sandra professes to enjoy the outdoors and volunteers for different charities, she means it. Her favorite charity event is the Dirty Girl Mud Run for Breast Cancer where she crawls — yes, crawls — through mud, under fences, through tubes, over walls, and up a rope ladder. She ends the run covered entirely in mud (with the possible exception of her smiling teeth).


When she’s not participating in her many athletic events for charity, Sandra wears clean clothes and works as JOYN’s Business Analyst.

Sandra’s favorite thing about JOYN is “the way the people take care of one another.” She went on to give an example when the firm recently “shut down one morning for the funeral of an employee’s spouse so that people could be there to support their friend and colleague.”


The devastating events of 9/11 prompted Sandra to join the Army National Guard even while raising two young sons. Her aptitude for languages quickly became apparent and she was assigned to the Defense Language Institute in Monterrey, California, where she participated in a year-long immersion course in the Russian language. Her duties included news translation for military intelligence.

Sandra has two sons along with a rescued American Bulldog mix. Both she and her sons are active in a variety of sports including track, football, basketball, and lacrosse.

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