Principles of Behavioral Wealth Management™

  • Our Lives Are Built One Choice At A Time

    Our lives are the result of the cumulative choices we make and random events. We have no control over the random events; we do have some control over our choices.

    The only person who knows the right answer for you…is you. There is rarely a perfect choice because all choices have costs and benefits. You have the internal wisdom you need to figure out the right answer for you and your family.

    The challenge is that connecting with our own right answer is often not easy. As Behavioral Wealth Managers our job is to engage you in a process that seeks to put you in the best spot to make the right choice, for you, for your family, and for your community.

    We do this by providing the financial context you need to weigh the costs and benefits of the options before you, and by embracing the fact that you are human. And that as humans, we are all emotional beings.

  • Money Messages

    Thoughts and beliefs about money are often passed down from generation to generation starting as early as childhood. Because money tends to be an emotional subject, these attitudes become strongly imprinted in the subconscious.

    As your Behavioral Wealth Manager we listen for those money messages, help you identify them, help you think about how they’ve helped you and how they’ve harmed you, and give you an opportunity to reframe them in a way that’s consistent with your adult values. Our goal is to help you make the subconscious conscious and be truly aligned with the choices you make.

  • Emotions Rule

    Face it: we’re human. We have emotions. Strong ones.

    Science shows that you can’t logic your way out of an emotional issue.

    Think you can? Ever tried using logic alone to calm a three-year-old having a temper tantrum?

    How did that work out for you?

    When facing difficult decisions like selling a business, planning for retirement, or caring for an elderly loved one, our stress levels elevate – causing our decision-making to go haywire.

    This is where our Behavioral Wealth Managers help.

    JOYN’s series of cognitive-based tools help move you from debilitating stress to feeling more centered and confident so that your brain can determine the right choices for you.

  • You’re Richer Than You Think You Are

    We believe that money is a tool, nothing more and nothing less. It is neither security or freedom, and it is a terrible way to measure the quality of your life.

    Your wealth expands far beyond your money. It is comprised of your time, Signature Talents ™, wisdom, network of relationships, intelligence and physical capacity.

    When you understand the true nature of your wealth, you often feel empowered and face the future with a renewed sense of confidence and optimism. You identify new opportunities and options that were hidden, and you give yourself permission to dream bigger.

    The bigger your dreams; the bigger your impact on your life, your family, your community, and the world.

  • Focus On What Matters Most

    Time is your most precious resource. You can’t buy more days, and tomorrow is promised to nobody.

    The demands on your time are relentless. You are probably pretty good at saying no to things that don’t matter to you. But that is not enough. To focus your time on what is most important, you must say no to things you really want.

    Not easy. The first step is being crystal clear about your top life priorities. JOYN’s Life Priorities quiz helps you identify those precious few priorities that matter most. When you face an important decision such as retirement, a job change, or caring for your aging parents, we go beyond the financial. Of course, we help you understand the financial consequences of the choices before you. But we go beyond. We also help you understand how each of your options will impact your life priorities, the elements of your life that you deem most essential.

    Because after all, life is always about more than money. A great life is all about what matters most to you.

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Financial Benefits of Behavioral Advising

Better Advice. Better Decisions. Better Life.

There are significant financial benefits focusing on your behavior and making better decisions. Vanguard research and other academic studies have concluded that behavioral advising can add 1% to 2% in net return. (Source: Vanguard, 2016

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