The Science of Behavioral Wealth Management™

Life isn’t a numbers game. What makes us happy and what makes us money can be very different things.

And money isn’t the only measure of success. Too often financial advisors forget that money isn’t the only measure of success, and don’t realize that our natural human reactions to events can lead us to make financial and life decisions we regret.

That’s why we’ve spent over 14 years developing Behavioral Wealth Management™ because we believe including cognitive, emotional and behavioral advising enhances the entire financial planning process.

Our Work Begins by Focusing on Human Connection

Our brains are constantly navigating ever-changing environments, emotions, and behaviors. Better understanding how we traverse these often-difficult behavioral landscapes helps our clients become more cognizant of their anxiety triggers and how to become centered and confident when thinking about money, the ups and downs of life, and major decisions.

This requires significant scientific understanding, in-depth research, and thoughtful adoption.

Behavioral Wealth Management™ Backed by Science

Our Behavioral Wealth Management™ model is rooted in over 60 years of cognitive behavioral theory. Furthermore, we leverage modern trials and recent clinical studies that have the comprehensive research conclusions to help ensure that our services are effective and impactful.

Importantly, we stand with peer-reviewed research journals like those in the Journal of Financial Planning, Journal of Financial Therapy, research published by the American Psychological Association, and historical research by recognized authorities in this emerging field.

Furthermore, our leadership and management’s research stems from reading over 100 seminal publications on industry topics ranging from Positive Psychology and Behavioral Economics, to Biology, Relationships, and Mindfulness.

We synthesize this proven research and make it actionable through proprietary Behavioral Wealth Management tools, evidence-based tools, and exercises designed by our trained Behavioral Wealth Specialists.

Here are just some of many research studies and publications that we’ve read that support Behavioral Wealth Management™ and the work we do with clients:

  • “Your Survival Instinct is Killing You” by Marc Schoen
  • “The Biology of Belief” by Bruce Lipton
  • “Feeling Good” by David Burns
  • “Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less” by Greg McKeown
  • “Finding Meaning in the Second Half of Life” by James Hollis
  • “Your Money and Your Brain” by Jason Zweig
  • “Man’s Search for Meaning, Victor Frankl
  • “The Upside of Stress” by Kelly McGonigal
  • “The Biology of Belief” by Bruce Lipton
  • “Thinking Fast and Slow” by Daniel Kahneman

To receive JOYN’s recommended Reading List of over 100 publications that were instrumental in the development of Behavioral Wealth Management™, please contact us!

Meet JOYN’s Behavioral Wealth Specialists

Our Behavioral Wealth Specialists can help you get centered and confident, focus on what’s most important, and make decisions consistent with your values and life priorities.

Their extensive educational and professional experience includes: four master’s degrees ranging from social work and organizational psychology to Marriage and Family Therapy; as well as Licenses in Clinical Social Work and Marriage and Family Therapy.

Interested in learning more? Contact a JOYN Wealth Manager for a must-read list of publications and other articles here.

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Financial Benefits of Behavioral Advising

Better Advice. Better Decisions. Better Life.

There are significant financial benefits focusing on your behavior and making better decisions. Vanguard research and other academic studies have concluded that behavioral advising can add 1% to 2% in net return. (Source: Vanguard, 2016

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