Selling Your Business Seminar

Selling Your Business (or Not): 7 Ways to Generate Liquidity

March 22, 2015

Marc Lewyn, GV Financial Advisors

Many business owners share a common vision: Selling their company for a hefty profit. Yet an outright sale – an “auction” – is just one way to unlock wealth, and it’s often not the best one: in a recent study, 75% of business owners who sold regretted their decision a year later, and just 5% were happy with their net proceeds. Fortunately, there are at least six other ways to generate liquidity – and potentially become financially independent — that may…  Read More

Mind Over Money Seminar

The Science of Decision-Making Under Stress (And Techniques to Try Now)

March 22, 2015


Did you know your brain’s natural biology can hijack important financial, life, and business decisions? For example… 1. Your body generates stress hormones even if you’re accustomed to high-pressure situations every day 2. Those hormones affect your brain and how it functions 3. As a result, your decision-making process can change (without you even realizing it) and lead to decisions you normally wouldn’t make. (Ouch!) In this interactive workshop, we share cutting-edge science and potential techniques that you can apply immediately in your business and personal life. Presented by Suzanne…  Read More

Who Told You THAT? Seminar

Childhood Money Messages & Their Role In Your Financial Life

March 18, 2015

Sr Financial Advisor Sherwin Nelson Clemons - GV Financial Advisors Atlanta

Remember your first piggy bank? Your first allowance? What your parents said and did to shape your views about money? Guess what: those “money messages” may still be lurking in your subconscious today, affecting your financial conversations, attitudes, behaviors, decisions, even conflicts with loved ones. This engaging 90-minute workshop is designed to uncover the messages you’ve learned so you can approach future financial decisions with clarity and confidence. It’s packed with thought-provoking video clips (Father of the Bride, anyone?), amusing trips…  Read More

Market Update Seminar

Current Events & Your Portfolio

March 17, 2015

Aradhana Kejriwal, CFA

The divergence of monetary policies. Will rates rise or fall (and when)? European economic weakness, low oil prices, and the strong U.S. dollar. All these factors and more could affect investment performance in the coming year. Is your portfolio ready? Find out! Our goal is to help you balance current events and investing strategies so you can feel confident in your portfolio design for the long term. This casual, interactive conversation works well over lunch with question-filled audiences. It’s presented by Aradhana…  Read More