Who Told You THAT? Seminar

Childhood Money Messages & Their Role In Your Financial Life

March 18, 2015

Sr Financial Advisor Sherwin Nelson Clemons - GV Financial Advisors Atlanta

Remember your first piggy bank? Your first allowance? What your parents said and did to shape your views about money? Guess what: those “money messages” may still be lurking in your subconscious today, affecting your financial conversations, attitudes, behaviors, decisions, even conflicts with loved ones.

This engaging 90-minute workshop is designed to uncover the messages you’ve learned so you can approach future financial decisions with clarity and confidence. It’s packed with thought-provoking video clips (Father of the Bride, anyone?), amusing trips down memory lane, and conversations about how your own money messages serve you today. We believe you’ll walk away with:

• Fresh insights on your views about money, spending values and wealth habits (and those of your spouse or family – bring them along!)
• Greater awareness about the messages you send to important people in your life
• Deeper understanding of your past financial decisions and how you could approach future ones with more clarity and confidence

Presented by Sherwin Nelson Clemons, CFP, VP & Senior Financial Advisor.

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