Strong at the Broken Places

By David Geller   |   June 23, 2015

Life is not always easy. We all suffer tough times because loss is a part of life. The challenge is, as Hemingway said, to become “strong at the broken places.”1

Being strong at the broken places doesn’t mean our next loss won’t hurt. It will. It doesn’t mean putting on a brave face and projecting to the world that it doesn’t hurt. That’s just being insincere.

You become strong at the broken places when you allow yourself to experience the loss, feel your pain and sadness, and grow stronger from the experience.

When you are strong at the broken places you understand the next time you bear a gut-wrenching loss that you will survive, even thrive over time. When you are strong at the broken places, you allow yourself to be vulnerable and to connect with others who are working through their own tough times. As you grieve the loss, you move from sadness to serenity, and often look to the future with hope.

It’s relatively easy to pretend everything is okay, to numb yourself, and to put on a brave face to the world. The problem is that the pain and sadness don’t diminish over time, and they weigh you down as you try to move ahead with your life.

It takes courage to be strong, to allow yourself to feel your pain, and genuinely to connect with others. Courage that is rewarded with a more joyful life.

Can you muster the courage to become strong at the broken places?

1 As quoted in Martha Beck’s “Finding Your Own North Star,” 1991, Kindle location 2117.

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