Thank You, Readers!

By David Geller   |   February 10, 2014


This month we’re celebrating our first year of David’s Corner, and we couldn’t have done it without you!  In case you missed it, here’s a link to one of David’s most popular blogs from the past year, Thomas Jefferson Was Wrong.  We also want to share this personal message of thanks from David:

Dear Reader,

Thank you for your support of my first year as a blogger. Your comments have helped me shape this shared journey of discovery and quest for greater happiness. My team and I hope you enjoy reading these blogs as much as I do writing them. As this blog begins its second year, my goal is to expand readership so we can share our message about wealth and happiness with others.  If you find one of my blogposts helpful or thought-provoking, I hope you will take a moment to share it with your friends and family by using the share button or by simply forwarding the email to them.

I have especially loved hearing from readers; your thoughtful responses have supported and sometimes challenged me, and I truly appreciate you sharing your always welcome and sometimes differing perspective. On behalf of all my colleagues, thank you for being a part of the GV Community.  I look forward to continuing to share life’s adventure as seen from “David’s Corner” into the year ahead.


David Geller

About the Author

CEO David Geller co-founded the firm in 1991 and led the creation of Behavioral Wealth Management. Recognized on numerous prestigious "top financial advisor" lists, David is an in-demand speaker for professional groups and JOYN workshops. His writings have appeared in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and The Huffington Post.

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