Top 10 Atlanta Wealth Managers List Names GV Financial Advisors

By Betty Dworschak   |   July 31, 2015

Top Wealth Managers Atlanta, Top Financial Advisors Award

Atlanta GA – July 31, 2015: In its Top 10 Atlanta Financial Advisors / Wealth Managers article, Advisory HQ’s review for GV Financial Advisors begins with a question:

“Can this innovative team of individuals disrupt the traditional financial structure?” 

The Top Wealth Managers / Financial Advisors story highlights GV’s Behavioral Wealth Management service.

Top Financial Advisors / Wealth Managers Award Methodology

While GV Financial Advisors earns spots on many major rankings, AdvisoryHQ uses a different approach. Rather than using financial metrics (assets under management, revenue), these awards focus on quality of services. With that priority in mind, they chose Atlanta’s 10 top financial advisors (wealth management firms) but didn’t rank them. Instead, they talk about each firm’s services in their reviews. That way, potential clients looking for a top financial advisor / wealth manager can evaluate quality of fit.

“A crucial element of GV Financial Advisors’ philosophy is the belief that financial advisors should work closely with their clients to guide them through crucial, life-changing financial, personal and professional decisions.” the authors note. Those choices, often tied to major life events, “can have significant impacts on clients wealth and quality of life,” continues the GV Financial Advisors review.

Behavioral Wealth Management discipline

The article goes on to explain the key elements of Behavioral Wealth Management.  The Atlanta wealth management frm has invested more than a decade developing this new wealth management discipline. The firm clearly states “Our Industry is Broken” on its home page, explaining that traditional financial advisors and wealth managers are “strictly by the digits.” Traditional wealth managers / financial advisors don’t address (or even realize) how human bias and emotion affect financial and life decisions. And the outcomes? They’re “rarely for the better,” the behavioral wealth management firm points out. 

About GV Financial Advisors

GV Financial Advisors is the first Behavioral Wealth Management firm in the U.S. and has served Atlanta for nearly 25 years. Recently, GV was also included on Financial Advisor’s 2015 Top Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) list. FA ranks GV as the 166th largest firm in the U.S. ($1 billion-and-over category). At the end of 2014, GV FInancial Advisors had $1.3016 billion in assets under management.

REP Magazine also named GV Financial Advisors “Top 100 U.S. Registered Investment Advisors” for 2014.

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