Secret Event Recap – part 1

By Sagar   |   November 21, 2016

On Thursday, November 17, we were thrilled to host more than 350 guests at our “top secret” event. Our guests had no idea what we had planned — other that we were going to change lives and that they’d want pictures.

It started with a tragic life event

After a brief introduction to Behavioral Wealth Management, CEO David Geller told the story of Ernie Meadows. Ernie is an engineer and inventor who lost his 18-year-old daughter Ellen in a car accident. Wanting to do something important to honor her memory, he started and abandoned three different projects. None were quite right.

Then, inspired by Princess Diana’s humanitarian work, Ernie decided to help hundreds of thousands of children in developing countries.

He used his money, his time, his talent, and his relationships. And he invented the LN-4 prosthetic hand. LN for Ellen. Four for project #4.

The LN-4 is a low-cost, lightweight, durable hand for land mine victims and amputees who couldn’t afford such a life-changing device.

This video explained the WHY behind their mission for the evening:

Can’t see the video above? Watch it on Vimeo


Building the hands

Guided by Bill John, the CEO/President/Co-Founder of an incredible company, Odyssey Teams, guests split into teams to assemble hands from a bag of 30 tiny parts. They had an hour to finish all of the hands in the room — not just their own. That challenge was no easy feat, especially under the mood lighting at the Foundry at Puritan Mill.

What happened next was something we can only describe as joyful. The clock began ticking down and guests got to work building their hands and decorating gift bags for recipients.

But then, Bill interrupted them — not once, but numerous times. The first time, he asked them to put the equivalent of a drink koozie on their dominant hands.


Editor’s note: Our full recap is a long story, so we’ll add parts 2 and 3 on Tuesday and Wednesday. 

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