Estate Planning

At JOYN, we understand that each of us builds our life one choice at a time and believe that only you know the right answer for you.

We know making important decisions can be difficult especially surrounding a deeply personal and emotional topic such as estate planning.

Our estate planning process is designed to help you clarify your most essential values in order to create a plan that will protect your assets now and provide for an orderly and thoughtful transfer of assets in the future.

Our goal is to help you understand the financial implications of a range of estate planning choices before you, particularly exploring the emotional considerations for the people you love and care about and the causes you support.

Generational Wealth Planning

One thrilling aspect of estate planning is helping the next generation of your family get off to the right start. However, just 85% of those polled in a recent survey said that they would leave “whatever is left over” in their savings to their children. We believe there’s a better way that improves our client’s financial health, as well as leaving what is appropriate to their children. Together, let’s engage the future of your family.

Tax and Regulatory Implications

Let’s face it, taxes and regulations are complicated. That’s why we’ve developed a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and a deep-benched network of legal and tax professionals to help in effective tax planning for you and your loved ones.

Stewardship of your Assets

When you work with us, it’s not a “once a year” engagement. We continue to work with you and your family. As fiduciaries with longstanding relationships with our clients, we pride ourselves on stewarding their assets to the best of our ability so our clients can live the best lives that they envision.

Philanthropic Gifting

At JOYN, we believe that one of the roots of happiness lies in giving back. Our Advisors and Behavioral Wealth Specialists work hard to help our clients align their Life Priorities, their values, and their philanthropic aspirations to help maximize their positive impact to charitable giving.

Family Dynamics

Each family has their own relationship dynamics and emotion centers. When working with clients, we strive to help them navigate their family conversations to determine what is most appropriate for estate planning through effective family conversations.

Health and End of Life Planning

It’s a fact of life: we all have limited time on this planet. Yet, through modern medicine and advances in healthcare, we are living longer than ever before. That means that most of us will need long-term caregiving and other healthcare cost coverages. These can be sizeable expenses. That’s why we work with clients to navigate what may be needed and how much to save for BEFORE it becomes an issue. That way, you can, as one of our friends in end of life planning says, “live fully and finish well.”

Business Owner Needs

Business owners put their blood, sweat, and tears into their businesses for them to be successful. JOYN advisors work diligently to help business owners review buy-sell agreements as well as explore the often difficult succession planning process. JOYN’s goal for business owners? Have a structured plan in place that you feel comfortable with and, when the time comes, successfully gain liquidity that you worked hard to build. See how.

We work closely with your tax and legal advisors as we review your current estate status and recommend new and beneficial approaches going forward. (Find out more on how we help with tax planning strategies.)

We understand and respect the fact that planning for your loved ones and their future is one of the most important planning activities of all.  You deserve deep expertise, strategic thought, wise counsel, and of course, a human approach.

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