Behavioral Wealth Management

Your life is about more than numbers. Your wealth management should be too.

Better Advice. Better Decisions. Better Life.

We’ve combined over 27 years of wealth management experience and 14 years of behavioral science research into a revolutionary new discipline called Behavioral Wealth Management™.

Why Behavioral Wealth Management™?

JOYN’s Behavioral Wealth Management™ Model integrates wealth management and investment advice with the science of human behavior.

Traditional wealth management is broken. Why? Because it sees you as a portfolio, not a person. It focuses solely on your numbers and not your overall well-being. In essence: it ignores the human factor of our industry. At JOYN, we reject this mindset. By integrating these three areas of expertise, we can help you make the best financial and life decisions for you and your loved ones.

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Wealth Management

Our two decades of wealth management experience, empowered by the science of human behavior, bonds us with our clients and helps them define their values, talents, and their life priorities. The result? A strong client partnership, a dedicated JOYN team, and a customized Behavioral Wealth Management™ plan tailored for you.

Engaging with our team, you will gain greater confidence in your financial planning, financial modeling, risk assessments, and estate planning. Learn More

Investment Management

JOYN’s investment management process is transparent because it’s your money and you deserve to know how we manage it. Our investment decisions are based on empirical research, careful analysis, and proven processes honed by an investment committee with an average of 24 years of investment management expertise.

Finally, once we have your investment plan designed, we help you mitigate biases, stress, and the impact of emotional decision-making that can potentially derail a disciplined, long-term strategy. Learn More

Human Behavior

Humans are emotional. Yes, that includes you.

We all build our lives one choice at a time. We make better choices when we are feeling centered and confident, aware of all of our options, and focused on what matters most to us. But getting to that place is not easy, particularly when facing an important, potentially life-changing decision.

We use the science of human behavior to help our clients move from fear to confidence, to explore how to use all 6 elements of their wealth to see the opportunities before them and to focus on what they truly want.

Because better decisions lead to a better life. Learn How

Your Dedicated JOYN Team

Serving Clients Since 1991

At JOYN, our entire culture is built around teams because we believe letting people do the work they love and were trained to do helps us raise the bar even higher. Our teamwork helps us provide the level of knowledge, specialization, expertise, service, and responsiveness you deserve.

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JOYN in Action

The Answers Are Within You – We’ll Help You Discover Them.

Centered and Confident

Worried and stressed about your financial decisions? Let us help. We leverage our scientifically proven behavioral wealth tools to help you become centered and confident.

Expand Your Opportunities

Your life isn’t one dimensional -- neither is your wealth. At JOYN, we work to define your wealth in six elements, then leverage those elements to enhance your life and decision-making during major life events like career change or retirement.

Focus on What Matters Most

The key to happiness is prioritizing what’s most important over what’s just simply important. Our LIFE PRIORITIES tool helps you identify and then successfully plan for what’s most essential for your dream life.

Retirement Planning

When it comes to retirement, people frequently ask questions such as “how much money do I need to retire?” We add the other vital question “how do I build a retirement with more meaning and joy?”

Estate Planning

You love and want the best for your children. Yet, staggeringly 85% of Americans plan on leaving “whatever is left over” to their children. This inefficient mindset leaves life on the table. Learn how we optimize estate planning so you feel supportive of the next generation.

Tax Planning Process

Tax planning is an important value-add to a client’s financial health. At JOYN, we’ve spent years developing a Tax Planning Process that helps you explore strategies and tactics with your CPAs and attorneys - without industry jargon - that keeps your values and best interest at the forefront.

Investment Philosophy

For over two decades, our investment team has built a disciplined approach to investment management. We focus on innovation, applying behavioral science, and a proven investment process -- all centered around our passion for the human factor.

Portfolio Design

JOYN has a variety of model portfolios to meet our clients’ diverse investment goals – from preservation of principal to maximizing growth, plus income enhancement while managing risk. We also can create separate portfolios for specific investment goals that differ from your primary objectives.


Asset allocation is critical in portfolio performance. That’s why we systematically review and rebalance your portfolio according to market shifts. We may rebalance to help keep your portfolio in line with your target asset allocations, capture potential tax losses, and create opportunities to increase returns by buying low and selling high.


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Financial Benefits of Behavioral Advising

Better Advice. Better Decisions. Better Life.

There are significant financial benefits focusing on your behavior and making better decisions. Vanguard research and other academic studies have concluded that behavioral advising can add 1% to 2% in net return. (Source: Vanguard, 2016

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